1 - Getting Started

UKData is a search engine that help u find people and places within the United Kingdom, you need to Register and Add fund your account to Continue.

2 - Automatic Add Fund

Once your account is Registered you can Add fund using Bitcoin or Perfect Money. If you need an exchanger, you can contact support via Live Chat on right-bottom of this page.

When you access Add fund page, you will find your own Bitcoin address. Send Bitcoins to this address, then your balance will automatically be added.

3 - What is Single Lookup ?

Once your balance is filled with Credits, you can perform Single Lookup. You need at least $ 1 to perform a Single Search. All you need is a person name and post code to perform this Search.

For DOB (Date of Birth), just click "Lookup" button next side.

4 - What is Multi Lookup ?

If you are a company and need to perform Batch Lookup for your Clients. Please upgrade your account to level.

Your account is automatically upgraded to level 2 when you add funds $ 200.

Please note: Don't let balance to below $ 50. Otherwise your account will be downgraded to 1.

5 - What is Unlimit Free DOB

Just for VIP. Unlimit and FREE times DOB lookup. Contact us for more informations.

6 - Contact

You can contact us in the following ways:

1. Live Chat Support at right-bottom of this page.

2. ICQ: 683931794

3. Email:

4. Open a ticket

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